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For the best facepacks for Football Manager 2010 – View our post about them.

Installing new graphics in Football Manager 2008 isn’t as easy as it used to be. Here is a pretty rough guide outlining how to install the facepacks, kits, logos and skins in Football Manager 2008:

Firstly we need to create some folders. First folder is “graphics”. Go to My Documents, you will see Sports Interactive folder followed by Football Manager 2008 which were pre-created when you install the game.

C:\…\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\graphics\

Installing Club/Country Kits

And now, if you wish to install Club/Country Kits, create 2 folders, “pictures” and “kits” folder in graphics folder like below:

C:\…\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\graphics\pictures\kits\

Go into “kits” folder. Extract all kits files you downloaded in there. Look at the screen shot of how you can organise it.

Installing Player Pictures

As for Player Pictures, you need to create “players” folder under graphics.

C:\…\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\graphics\players\

Go into “players” folder. Extract all player files you downloaded in there. Look at the screen shot of how you can organise it.

Installing Club/Competition Logos

If you wish to install small, huge logos of clubs and competitions, you may do so by creating “logos” under graphics.

C:\…\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\graphics\logos\

And in “logos” folder, take a look at the screen shot how you can organise it.

Game Settings for graphics to appear

Load your game in FM 2008, go to Preferences > Display & Sound > Untick Skin Cache

Then you should be ready to rock and roll.

If you haven’t got any graphics to install then these links should get you started:

A nice way to add an extra bit of functionality of Football Manager 2008 is to install some extra graphics such as player faces (facepacks), team kits, team logos and skins for the look of the site.

Here is a selection of links that should help you get you started with the graphics:

Thanks for reading and I’d really like to point you in the direction of my Football Manager 2009 to get your thoughts on what you would like to see in Football Manager 2009 🙂


  1. Am i suposed to start new game,after I make faces?.
    Or what .
    Sorry for double post and my bad english

  2. hi.I am wondering about players.I did all I had to
    C:\…\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\graphics\players\
    and I unticked the thing.
    But it doesnt work.
    What is wrong with it?

  3. can I do it in same time ??
    ex:i extract logos and kits then i load both

  4. I recently put some facepacks into the graphics folder as stated. I then clicked on the reload skin button (i think) in the preferences section.

    However, it messed the game up. The game will not load properly and just gives me a white screen. When i try and exit i get a grey screen and a message saying exit game but no options to select.

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success.

    Any ideas?

  5. Ok nvm.. I found out, i put a tick outside the box with “unique id’s” when experimenting with the first facepacks :S Don’t mind my 2 comments then, all sorted out again 🙂

  6. Took me a while to figure it out because I didn't have the standard directory for the files. Thing is that you have to check ingame under preferences what directory is used for your user data (options->preferences->user data folder)
    In that location (using windows explorer) you need to create a directory called Graphics. And there you copy all the logos (and untick USE SKIN CACHE and do tick "Always reload skin on confirm", and then click CONFIRM. Did the trick for me (FM2008).

  7. I have got everything working fine. I wondered does anyone know how to add a players picture to the database that hasn’t got one? I’ve managed to work out how to replace a picture if they have one already but I want to add pictures to the people that dont? I assume it must involve editing the config.xlm file which I have tried?? Thanks in advance.

  8. thanks for your help. i was fed up with my default skin .. and now i can also see the players and managers' pics 🙂

  9. It occurred to me to install FM2008 on a PC which has 2 partitions: in the first (C:) the game is installed, in the second (D:) were prepared all the folders for saved games, graphics, etc. I have all the skins for logos, kits, faces, but the game does not see them.. is there something I can do to choose to put the folders in the C partition? please help

  10. thank you very much sir
    this works for me
    it makes me even more excited to play

  11. I cant get the face packs to work. I've tried everything, can someone hwlp? PLZ?

  12. @ Mini

    You just need to dump the logos in C:…My DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2008graphicslogos

    Oh regarding extraction you just need to use winzip or something!

  13. I cant find a screenshot for the installing team logos, can you tell me where it is please

  14. this sounds stupid but how u do the extract bit,ive made the files n tht but i dunny ken how te extract the kits ect. any chance you cud gi us a lil hand,

  15. I did all that you told me but the facepacks and kits aren't in my game

  16. please can some one contact me and show me how to put facepacks in game… i make every folder that they told in Guide but it won`t work… please help mee!!!!!!??????

  17. the players faces one doesn't work. i have extracted a facepack file into the folder which i created and un-ticked the cache thing and it doesn't load any of the downloaded faces. i really can't work out why

  18. @ Piku

    My grahics are located at C:…My DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2008graphics

    Then in that graphics folder I have a folder called Premiership. In that premership folder I have a separate folder for each club with the players picture in.

    So when you unzip your package you just need /premiership/Man Utd/RONALDO.png

    The Super_Facepack_v2/inghilterra/ just complicates the paths.

  19. i've downloaded shervin90's super facepack v2…when i unpack, the file paths for all the player pictures are in the following form: for example, for cristiano ronaldo-

    Super_Facepack_v2/inghilterra/premiership/Man Utd/RONALDO.png

    would i just copy and paste the entire Superpack folder into the players folder u mentioned? and would i have to translate all the folder names into english?


  20. instructions i followed em, but i still can't get the faces up.
    i've been through a lot of websites or forum teaching me how to get the faces loaded up but it just doesn't seems to work for me.

    hope that u can give me a clearer guide.

  21. i dont know how to put the skin in, and when i unticked skin cache it came up wid XML parsing error…HELP :s

  22. just downloaded your article. i pray it works. biut from the looks of thing i guess its gonna work

  23. Hi, could you please inform me of how to upload 3D nets to the FM 2008 game??

  24. @ Matt

    The article covers everything that you need. The only thing I can think of is you are not following the last step:

    Load your game in FM 2008, go to Preferences > Display & Sound > Untick Skin Cache

  25. i did everything u said about installing the facepacks but they still dont show on my screen.

  26. ah thanks niall!
    …i missed the part "to create" -.-' lol
    btw those links are very good! x)

  27. Henry,

    If you read the guide you have to create the folder named 'graphics' yourself in:

    C:…My DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2008

    The game knows then to look here for facepacks etc…

  28. i can't find that folder named "graphics" :S looks like it disappeared! please help…i think it could be some installation problem…help me!
    p.s.:sorry for my bad english

  29. I couldn't understand some parts of this article l Manager 2008 – Facepacks, Kits, Logos and Skins Installation Guide |, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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