Football Manager 2008 – Training Guide

To obtain a maximum 7 star (yes I mean 7 star and not 5 star) training setup in Football Manager 2008 (Worldwide Soccer Manager) you should try and hire coaches that should have at least the following attributes:

PLEASE NOTE – The schedule has been updated now and can be viewed by following the link to ‘The Ultimate Training Schedule‘ which I encourage you to download.

Strength: 18 Fitness

Aerobic: 18 Fitness

Goalkeeping: 18 Goalkeeping

Tactics: 18 Tactical

Defending: 18 Defending and 18 Tactical
or 19 Defending and 14 Tactical
or 20 Defending and 10 Tactical

Ball Control: 18 Technique and 18 Mental
or 19 Technique and 14 Mental
or 20 Technique and 10 Mental

Attacking: 18 Attacking and 18 Tactical
or 19 Attacking and 14 Tactical
or 20 Attacking and 10 Tactical

Shooting: 18 Technique and 18 Attacking
or 19 Technique and 14 Attacking
or 20 Technique and 10 Attacking

Set Pieces: 17 Technique and 39 (mental+attacking)
or 18 Technique and 36 (mental+attacking)
or 19 Technique and 33 (mental+attacking)
or 20 Technique and 30 (mental+attacking)

Oh yeah before people post saying it’s 5 star I can assure you in 2008 it really is 7 star!

To give people a helping hand I’ve included the training scedule I’m currently using. While it isn’t perfect just yet it is definitely better than the default.

It would be good to hear peoples comments on how they get on with this. Football Manager 2008 – Training Scheme Download

When you download a training scheme, the correct place to install it is:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\schedules

This can often be confused with the below, but do NOT put it there:

C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\data\schedules

PLEASE NOTE – The schedule has been updated now and can be viewed by following the link to ‘The Ultimate Training Schedule‘ which I encourage you to download.


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  1. takuya Reply

    how about your youth training?? why don't you upload it also?? =)

  2. Doddy Reply

    was a good training guide but i have seen less improvements with this than my own, just a few tweaks here and there, and it is a cracker

  3. benny Reply

    if so and when will 90 be out on 360

  4. Dermot Reply

    Yo Nigel you go into the junior players profile and go Player interaction then select a senior player for him to be linked with.

  5. Nigel Reply

    Hey could someone tell me how I get a senior player to train a junior player. I have tried everything and cant work it out!

  6. Seun Reply

    it actually works i have seen majour improvments!

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  8. hilly Reply

    cheers m8 :)

  9. Paulstar Reply

    Can you do a screen print of the training schduals as i has got the xbox version

  10. LFC4Ever Reply

    This has actually been a big help to my team. Any update yet?

  11. Francis Reply


  12. Saul M Reply

    If u create an update can u plz tell me via bebo or msn ( or respectively)

  13. Tuts Reply

    An update would be cool. This has helped me though.

  14. Robbo Reply

    This is actually very helpful, cheers mate!

  15. tom Reply

    any news on whe the update is gonna be available? tha nks for the help, this is one of the areas that i always neglect because it can be quite time consuming!

  16. Jean-Paul Reply

    Thanks for the Training Schedule. Its doing wonders!

    I didnt even know you could alter them beyond the presets… Go me…

  17. Niall Reply

    I must get round to doing an update to this, I've improved things slightly!

  18. Rob Reply

    I have to say I have found this pretty cool. It isn't perfect but much better than the default.

  19. dakz Reply

    u msut create folder named "schedules"

  20. ramy Reply

    i have windwos vista and i cant find the path to put the training schedules! i tired creating the folder schedules and puting the files in but they dont appear in the game

  21. Nikos Avlonitis Reply

    cheers for the tips, boss.

  22. Atomic Kitten Reply

    Hey!…I Googled for liverpool, but found your page about l Manager 2008 – Training Guide |…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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