Top 10 Skins for Football Manager 2008

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Many of us spend hours and hours staring at the Football Manager 2008 (Worldwide Soocer Manager) so I always find it a good idea to install a new skin every once and a while to jazz things up a little. So here is a breakdown (my humble opinion) of the top ten skins in the game.


Sadly since this post is over 6 years old now so a number of the links have are dead (I didn’t made the skins so didn’t host them here) so this post is a bit rubbish.

FM Base has ‘some’ 2008 skins which you can find at a couple were in my top 10 (Scythe & Flex)

Help Installing a Skin?

If you want some information on how to install the skins then have a read of the graphics installation guide.


  1. I'm 8 years into my game and dont want to start a new one , does anyone know if it is possible to keep a game but change the skin

  2. How do i get the facepacks that i've downloaded to work ig. where do i put them etc email me asap please thanks

  3. Fab lists. many thanks for posting. Didn't know there were so many fantastic tutorials about.

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