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I know Sports Interactive have been investing quite a bit of time in Football Manager Live but I think we can expect some exciting new features in Football Manager 2009 all the same.

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EDITHere is a list of all the new features that FM09 will have!

The new football season will be upon us soon and with that I think we can expect Football Manager 2009 (FM09).  I know Sports Interactive have been investing quite a bit of time in Football Manager Live (click the link to read my preview) but I think we can expect some exciting new features in Football Manager 2009 all the same.

Some of the features I would like to see would include:

  • I think it should be at least possible to win red card appeals…  Currently i never win appeals but when you look at the actual Premier League it is possible to win an appeal here or there
  • International management could be improved although i’m sure sure how just yet
  • I’d like to be able to ‘shout’ (you know what I mean) instructions during the game to specific players while they are playing
  • Greater pre/post match team talks
  • Easier to sell players and get a reasonable price
  • Maybe be able to start as a youth/reserve team manager and work your way through the ranks of the club

Well there are a few of my thoughts of some new features we could maybe see in Football Manager 2009 (FM09) and I would be really interested to hear what other people would like to see also.

Oh yeah, it’s due for release on 31/10/2008, for more info check out

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  1. i using Leeds United and i wan to buy new player.. but i not enough money to buy i only have 100Euro pound. any1 got some idea?

  2. i bought Messi only for $77 due to the minimum release cost…….it is sound investment

  3. my roma team iz amazing i have gago,navas,camacho,diego milito, sulejmani,diego ,witsel,cacares and asenjo in the secong year but im 7th in the league and its march how?

  4. if your managing the iatlian leagues buy a striker called falcao

    dont buy in the premier league bcause he will go on too many drought and the spanish already dozens of wonderkids

  5. i hope the training goes back to the old skwl version, where you chose whether it was a traing match on thursday or rest on sunday, bit more realsitic yet they decided to use the basic system

  6. Not yet… There has been a balls up with the product activation so people can't actually access the game. Seta hope to have the issue resolved soon!

    Poor show although fingers crossed they can get it sorted!

  7. Has anyone played yet?? I heard there's been problems with it????

  8. Out hunting we shall go out hunting we shall go ei oh what day we go out hunting we shall go!!

    yeah!!! its November 14th lets get the show on the road!!

  9. 3D matches absalotely first class , new press conferece ,sell your club , new players, managing a nation would be great,i love football manager .

  10. try to win an appeal for the first time ,what tudor said is true i would love own a football .new players young superstars eg walcott , rafael and fabio da silva ,i want to manage a nation and win the world cup i love football manager games i loved football manager 2008 i would love football manaher 2009 please.

  11. i agree with you tudor. you should be able to sell your club to billionaires if you a good club and want more money to spend. you also be able to be a player mode were you cna start off in sunday league team and build yourself up to the premiership.

  12. I havn't read the thread to its end, but i've heard that their planning to add some kind of things and actaully spend the money you earn at the club.

    My idea is, when you make enough money, you can actually buy a club literally and be chairman. Then you can hire managers, staff, you can sell the players, recommend others, build a new stadium(and name it), change kits as you like etc.

    Well, you can do almost everything a manager can do plus some cool other things. Also you get offers from other wealthy people to sell the club, search for affiliate, speak with supporters, and of course….

    "IF" something goes wrong you CAN return to the pitch and training whenever you like.

    You can see all the matches but can't work on tactics, but if the results are not favourable to you you can sometimes suggest to your manager some tactics( not every time he listens, so- they can make some kind of "relationship-bar")

    PS: if you have good results with a team, each year sign a new deal only for a year and ask for maximum money they can give you. In 202.. I was having an yearly wage of 20 mil EURO!!!!! WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THIS MONEY ???!

  13. Hi guys, back from my hols all tanned up and aching for FML & FM09 bring on tha good times!!

    Glad you went with Messi in the end, i knew he wouldn't let you down. i Think having Ronaldo in my team his face would infuriate me so much in training that i'd have to fine him 2 weeks wages every session. So he'd quit and Messi would've been the better choice all along!

    FM09 should have a feature that everytime Ronaldo attempts a trick that just ends up with him losing the ball or being tackled, the rest of the team are allowed to beat him to a pulp in an alley.

    Great player in real life though 🙁

  14. this is interesting but we can't wait to play.everything is great.just keep it good work and we will play whole life

  15. Why is it so difficult to buy players? when ever i want a player i have to pay twice his price and when i want to sell a player i have to wait 2 months then i only get half his market value.

  16. I would go for Messi … i truly believe he is the best in his position in the world at the moment. I shudder to think what he would be like if Fergie or Wenger should ever sign him … Gawd frightening thought!

    As for FM08 man im not even wasting my time with it anymore. i've uninstalled it and have reserved a prime seat for FM09 when it comes around … why is it taking SO SO LONG!!!!

    *sigh* Da Preciouzzzzz Da Preciouzzzzz masterzzzz tricksiezzzz for ussszzz!!!

  17. Niall i have to COMPLETELY agree with you…. I hate ronaldo, utter prat! but hey, bags of ability!! went for Messi in the end…

    Man Utd finished 14th in the league and Messi was not being played! thats why so cheap!

    so far so good with Messi!! 14 games, 6 goals, 9 assists! GOOD LAD!

    Just outta curiosity, with FM09 are Man City gonna have an OUTRAGEOUS transfer budget? if so, will world class players agree contracts with them!?

    TWO MONTHS TO GO NOW BOYS!! Countdown is ON!

  18. oh

    i understand now

    get Messi, although im a true United fan, i think Messi’s stats are better, even though Ronaldo is the best player in the world. Its hard to beleive that you can get those players for 40million?!?

    Jefferson Farfan is probably the best cheapest player in the game…get him – 5.5million :L

  19. jesus! How did you get Ronaldo AND Messi accepted for 40mil?! Usually 140 minimum!

    Tough call, i think i'd go with Messi normally, but then if you're playing in the prem it'd be good to steal Ronaldo away from Utd mate.

    Choice is yours

  20. I’d go for Messi just because Ronaldo is a total prat… Granted that has nothing to do with FM08 and his abilities but he just has a face I want to punch :p

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