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I <a title="Training guide" href="">previously posted a training schedule</a> I was using in Football Manager 2008 (FM08) that proved to be pretty popular with visitors to the site. At the time I said it wasn't perfect but I have finally got a new and improved training schedule for you to use.

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I previously posted a training schedule I was using in Football Manager 2008 (FM08) that proved to be pretty popular with visitors to the site.

PLEASE NOTE – The schedule has been updated now and can be viewed by following the link to ‘The Ultimate Training Schedule‘ which I encourage you to download.

At the time I said it wasn’t perfect but I have finally got a new and improved training schedule for you to use. Once again it isn’t perfect but it is much better.

The training download includes schedules for the following:

  • Central Defenders
  • Fullbacks
  • Defensive Midfielders
  • Attacking Midfielders
  • Wingers
  • Strikers
  • Target Men

Get it here – Revised Training Schedule

When you download the training scheme, the correct place to install it is:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\schedules

This can often be confused with the below, but do NOT put it there:

C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2008\data\schedules

Once again I’d like to hear how people get on with this.

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  1. I've just played FM2008, because my laptop can only support until this version of FM, could you upload again the schedule training, because the link is all broken.

    Thank you. 🙂

  2. error 404? has it been removed..? is the schedule worth it? i can't try them the least ;P

  3. The link to the training schedule does not work. Please help. Thanks!

  4. I cant install the training schedule. I don't have this schedule folder and when i create it i cant load the schedule in the game. can you please help me

  5. I train everybody individually… Obviously there comes a time when the players stats decline due to age etc put until that time you can improve them!

  6. Quick question: Should I put all my players in different trainings, or only my youngsters.. Is there an age when they should stop trainig particulary and change to general training? Thanks for the tips btw, really helped!

  7. The training schedule of your CMs depends entirely on their purpose and/or original attributes.

    I am currently managing a very strong Barceelona team in its 3rd season and put a lot of emphasis on attacking play hence my CMs are in AM training. If you have a weak team then DM training would probably be more appropriate.

    Alternatively, if your CM already has high attributes in attacking or defending you may wish to increase his attributes in the other area in order to make him more 'rounded'.

    I hope this helps.

  8. I would also like to know where normal central midfielders should go? Or if you have any tips on how to modify either the defensive or attacking midfield training to achieve a good all round central midfielder.

  9. Goalies peak later on than other players,when ive had ustari ive sent him out on loan for a few seasons to get first team games and when he comes back hes improved alot

  10. Hi Niall,

    I was just wondering if you had any suggestions on how to train goalies? Or is the default schedule that’s in the game already good enough?

    It’s just that I’ve got Lloris and Ustari, and their progress has been rather indifferent, to say the least. I was hoping that, seeing as both of these should have great potential, their progress would be very good but it’s … not!!


  11. Hey, i cant seem to get this to work, i have made the scheduels folder but the training-sheduels dont apper in the game =/

  12. Alright Tossy… Glad you like it.

    There isn't a huge difference between the two although the full back scedule helps with some attacking elements (crossing etc).

  13. Hey, love the schedule…

    just a quick question, what is the big difference between central back and full back? I am a little confused

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