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Lets have ourselves a little Fantasy Football competition. Lots of fun and prizes to be won!

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Right everybody, not sure if this is a good idea or not but thought considering a fair few people visit this site on a pretty regular basis I thought it might be a laugh if we have a mini fantasy football league for the site based on the new Premier League season. Yes I know it isn’t FM related but I think we are all big enough football fans to pull it off!

As well as us competing between ourselves I thought I could write a monthly post naming and shaming how we have gotten on that month, I’m sure the thousands of daily visitors to the site will be really interested to read how we have gotten on :p

The free one on the Premier League looks decent enough and enables us to have a mini league as well as enabling you to enter your team in other leagues with your mates and the main competition.

How it works

The jist of it is with a budget of £100 million, choose a squad of 15 players made up of:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

No more than 3 players can be selected from a single team. The actual scoring etc is detailed over on the Premier League site.

I’ve created a league call which once you create a team you can enter the league using the code 826581-153513

Right so to join head on over to sign-up and then create your little squad.  Once the squad has been created you can then enter our mini league using the code 826581-153513.


Right even though it’s free I’m happy to fund a few prizes (well the adds on the site will) if we get enough people joining. I’m not sure what they will be just yet but i’ll update people once I get an idea of how many people are playing… The more people how play the better the prizes!

So come on everybody, get signed up and we’ll see how much we all know about real football 🙂 and the league code is 826581-153513.

Game starts on 16/08/08!



  1. GW stands for GameWeek.

    Gameweeks are a way of grouping games so that in each gameweek every team plays an equak amount of times.

    i.e. including saturday, sunday, monday and midweek games all in one gameweek.

    Its all explained properly and in much more detail on the fantasy football website.

    Just click on "Rules".

  2. when you look at the table, im 12 points short for some strange reason and what does GW mean in the table?

    sorry, im new to this :L

  3. Looks like you are on there now mate… It doesn't update first thing, usually mid morning!

  4. For some strange reason im not in the table………I am confused……

  5. yeah i joined this last year, but i rushed my team this year, eek*

    but im not too sure how this works but i hope its all goood

    You have all got good teams guys, and im no where near winning this :L,

    add me on msn ppl, (Y)

  6. Already signed up to it will look forward to see how i do against you

  7. i have joined look forward to beating you losers my team is quality

  8. Good man… Fingers crossed we can get a few more people signed up to give you some competition for the prizes :p

  9. Nice one Niall, i've been playing this league every year for the last 4 years, already got my team in place lol, have had for about a month. So i'll be there!

    I'll let you know my address for the prizes soon 😉

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