Fantasy Football Update

After last weeks pretty short notice post about us starting a little fantasy football league on the site it has gathered a decent amount of momentum with a few of you joining up
… I just wanted to provide a quick update on things and wanted to let you know that it isn’t too late to join up because although one week is over there is still plenty of games and plenty of points to be won.

The Current Table

New 1 Mushy Peas Adam Levy 60 60
New 2 eNiallators FC Niall Walsh 57 57
New 3 Oakwood FC Sam Kimish 56 56
New 4 Dark Crusaders Lemuel Banton 51 51
New 5 Funky Monkeys Sam Kimish 50 50
New 6 MANC-MANIACS Paul Murray 46 46
New 7 ElMatador_TR Kadir Koç 44 44
New 8 NatDOG F.C Louie Gardner 43 43
New 9 Hodson’s Hotshot’s Hotshot Hodson 41 41
New 10 Parsely United Mila Samdub 38 38
New 10 MODS FC Simon Smith 38 38
New 12 FluidFootball Daniel Smart 34 34
New 13 Green & Blues Dom Sharples 20 20

Starters This Weekend

old swan john rossiter
Rangers Allstars 09 stuart brown
Andy’s All Stars Andy Mills
AC FC William Thompson

So Mr Adam Levy is leading the charge at the minute with a solid 60 point opening weekend (well played mate).  I’ve made a decent enough start and am sitting nicely in 2nd place although I’ve been looking at my team and am thinking of a few things I’d like to change (I’m thinking Agbonlahor for Walcott maybe) but I’m sure they will do me proud come the end of the season :p

I’ll post a full breakdown of my team in the coming weeks once we have no more new starters because I wouldn’t wanna influence anybody haha Although last weekend Pepe Reina was my main man!

Signing Up

Right so to join head on over to sign-up and then create your little squad. Once the squad has been created you can then enter our mini league using the code 826581-153513. If you want more information though have a look at the original post!

7 Responses to Fantasy Football Update
  1. Niall Reply

    Update will be on later today/early tomorrow :p I'm lazy!

  2. Niall Reply

    haha nope didn't know about the built in wildcard but am confident enough I can turn it round… All I need is one good week from a player or two and I'm getting back into the mix… I hope!

    Anyways, I'll crack on with an update!

  3. Hotshot Reply

    lol, nightmare! You do know though that the game has a built in 'wildcard' where for 1 gameweek in the season you get all free transfers?

    30 point ded is massive man, hard to recover from that one.

    Best of luck though fella, a tight fight at the top is always an exciting season, gets rubbish if 1 or 2 people run away with it.

  4. Niall Reply

    Top of the league are we? :p

    Nah you are correct mate an update is needed, was planning on doing one before the weekend to close off September…

    I made a ton of changes to my team and got hit with a 30 deduction although my real excuse is my first team was shat :)

    I'll do an update tonight!

  5. Hotshot Reply

    Niall think we need a major update done on this fella? New league table done? What's up with you being 27th?! You started this all the way up in the top 3!

    What's the prizes? :)

  6. Niall Reply

    I'm badly dropping down the league :( Made a few dodgy calls with my subs and it cost me.

    Got some prizes secured as well so watch this space!

  7. Hotshot Reply

    Good to see updates coming in mate. I’ve had a better 2nd week after a pretty average 41 point start, i hope to be right up there soon, am already making my way up the places :D

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