FM09 Demo Available – What do you think?

The Football Manager 2009 demo has been released today so get over to and get it downloaded!

There are two different versions of the demo available for PC and MAC, a ‘strawberry’ and ‘vanilla’ version, with both providing half a season of gameplay. The saved games from the demo will be compatible with the full release of the game.

Vanilla Version

The vanilla version of the demo is English language only, and features the English and Scottish leagues, with no player photos or logos in order to reduce the size of the download.

Strawberry Version

The strawberry version of the demo includes all player pictures and logos, with quickstarts for the world’s biggest leagues, giving players a chance to try out their skills in leagues from multiple countries. Details of languages and leagues are below.
I’ve only just installed it myself so I’m not sure what it’s like yet although expect a full update in a day or two.  What do you guys think?  Is it as good as you had hoped?
16 Responses to FM09 Demo Available – What do you think?
  1. paul Reply

    has anyone noticed that when you try to type a players name in the search it picks up 2 letters at a time instead of 1

  2. paul Reply

    the demo was good butjust as i was signing good players and starting to win come january was a bit gutted it finished and i agree the injuries is annoying and the presss conference a tad boring

  3. GUS Reply

    i wonder if the full version editor will let u change the players`3D appereance…

  4. Billy Reply

    In the demo I swore at an opposition manager and the reaction by the press was that I had unleashed a string of expletives at the opposition manager. Some of my players were not happy at this however.

  5. Scotty Reply

    Oh and the injuries are a pain in the (_!_)

  6. Scotty Reply

    The stats don't seem correct to me for quite a few players!

  7. Lemmy Reply

    The press conferences seem to be a good idea at first, but after the 4th or 5th one when you get asked the same questions over and over again it gets boring. So after 5th conference I just sent my assistant.

  8. Kimco Reply

    One on Ones, why do nearly 75% of these get missed? So not realistic. I can understand if your striker has low finishing and composure stats, but when ur striker has 18 for finishing and 16 composure you would expect him to finish 75% of 1 one 1s not to miss 75%.

  9. Luke Reply

    FM08 was as buggy as hell when it was first released, I was personally expecting the same with this demo and wasn’t disappointed.

    I’ve played about a dozen games and like you have had at least one injury in every one of them. Also training related injuries are common place.

    The low bidding thing I’ve also noticed, Inter Milan offered just over £10 million for Tevez when he’s worth more than double that. I refused and they promptly made the exact same offer.

    The 3D match engine is absolutely awful in my opinion. I don’t mind sticking to 2D dots and (more often) just text, but I was hoping for something a little better than what was provided. Something along the lines of the LMA Manager 3D match engine would have been nice.

  10. Ben Palmer Reply

    yeh guys been getting lots of long injuries, and its always the same players, when they come back, i wait till they're in the 90's then bring then on as subs for a ten minute run-around then there injured for another month, happened with diaby, fabregas, adebayor, rosicky, van persie, walcott, eduardo, arshavin! it needs sorting by next friday!!!

    otherwise good game, i like the 3d bit, got a new laptop so it runs pretty well! the pre and post match conferences are abit annoying though, same questions! assistant can deal with that!

    Does anyone else struggle scoring, all my games end 1-0, im arsenal and play a pretty attacking 4-3-1-2 with two attack minded cm and full backs flying down the wings! scoring 1.2 goals a game, conceding .5, is my team just pants? or is anyone else not scoring as much as the old games? i put it down to the injuries…..!

  11. FM2009 Reply

    yea…the injures are too much…

  12. GUS Reply

    oh, in case u were wondering.. the injuries happen in ALMOST EVERY match… like 3 of 4… or 4 of 5 matches… at this rate, i won`t have a team by the end of the season!

    ah, and there`s some occasional bug of the 3D field when it`s all black and only the players appear…

    Sports Interactive, GET TO WORK!

  13. GUS Reply

    Is it just me? or my players are getting a LOT of injuries?? and im not talking light injuries… im talking 1-month-minimum injuries… its REALLY getting on my nerves… as soon a match starts one of my players picks an nasty injury… half an hour later ANOTHER serious injury! i know realism is key in this game, but this is just ridiculous!

    Gus from Argentina

  14. Sammy Reply

    I'm pretty happy with it to be honest although the 3d is S..L..O..W

  15. FM2009 Reply

    yea…its pretty lagging when loading the 3D match…it takes like a minute or 2 to load it and get the match started…but i have all the requirements stated and i am using a desktop…rather annoying after sometime…

  16. Carl Reply

    Erm, I'm pretty happy with it I think. As I thought though while the 3d looks great I got a bit bored with it and only used it to replay my goals. My laptop isn't the best so it was a little sluggish which has probably influenced me to be fair.

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