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Those lovely people over at SI/SEGA are providing us with a few copies of the much anticipated Football Manager 2011 which is due for release on the 5th of November as competition prizes.

So this is the first of a series of competitions to win your very own copy of the game saving you several pounds buying it yourself. The beauty of this competition is it’s really easy to enter. All you have to do is tell us why you love the Football Manager series? Using the comment box below. Best answer wins of a copy of the game…. Simple as you like.

Entries for this competition close at midnight (GMT)

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of the 03/11/10.

So come on, tell us why you love the Football Manager series?


  1. Because Football is my hobby and my passion. I WANNA WIN!! EVEN THOUGH ITS OVER!! DANG!

  2. Because i'm obsessed with FM:

    1) My favourite actor is Freeman, Morgan Freeman.

    2) One of my favourite parfums is FM( Federico Mahora)

    3) Because most used application on my PC is FM- Football Manager!

  3. Because fantasy is better than reality!

  4. Where else could I where my lovely team suit? That's right, up to the Champions League final, with a matching tie of course!

  5. I love football manager because its the only game that reminds you to eat and change your underwear

  6. Football is a great passion of mine and I just love football manager games, I think they are more realistic than the other games and therefore much more challenging. Football manager is just so fun and it makes me consider working in footabll when im older. Im a Liverpool FC fan as well and I always take control of them and try to bring success to the club and then il tell my friends that I should be in charge for real. My favourite part is definetley the transfer market and I always enjoy scouting and signing young players and watching them develop into superstars.

  7. Over the years that I have bought this game I get a deep satisfaction of being able to be the manager of Celtic and live a dream that would never be a reality .Thank you

  8. Over the years that I have bought this game I get a deep satisfaction of being able to be the manager of Celtic and live a dream that would never be a reality .

    Thank you from South Africa

  9. Well, did anyone ever made better game than this one? I don't even know why to call it a game… FM is not a game at all, it's a culture, a myth where you unveil your manager skills, and with no odds, you do something awesome. Since I have played previous three MFs, I'd like to have this new one, with many new modules and exciting things, more than ever. Well, if there is a chance to win this, so I am writing down this post with even more enthusiasm in hope to win it!

    All the best, EgoManiac from Bosnia

  10. Football Manager isn't a game. It's real!

    End of Story

  11. When you see a sunrise raising your hands in victory. When you see a sunset kneeing in front of monitor. When you see a first star in the sky crying because of another unlucky loss. When you behave like that, it means you are a Football Manager fanatic, and I love you.

  12. It's differant gravy, I mean theres no other game that you get so upset that after losing you turn it off then about 20 minutes later your so eagar

    to get back on and win as well as the sheer emotion that goes through your body when you get your tactics absolutely perfect in a crucial match or when you make that signing that the papers are slating you about a gamble they call it and on his first match he plays an absolute blinder then your then your getting called a genious. That's why I play Football Manager.

  13. The thing I love about Football Manager is that it can be played whenever! I'm the first girl to write a comment, which suprises me. It's such a good game to play and it's not on Playstation 3 or Xbox which means I never have to fight my brothers for the computer! I hope my comment sparks other girls to play the game. It must be catching on now that the gender is changeable. That was perhaps the best improvement they have made…

  14. Football Manager is the best football game, let alone the best game out on any platform! Unlike other football games, e.g. PES and FIFA, Football Manager offers the realist simulation of being a manager at the myriad of clubs offered by Football Manager. Managing Your teams tactics, training, transfers and contract negotiations are sooo real you start feeling like Ferguson and Mourinho!

    Football Manager dominates all football games that have manager mode and it's realism through its' extensive database is amazing!

    I love this game soo much that right now in Australia, I'm In a class meant to be writing an essay but instead I'm writing an essay to because I love the Football Manger Series! The thing I'm looking forward to most is for school today to finish so I can go play the Football Manger 2011 demo at home and to win the full version of Football Manager 2011, I'd be speechless!

  15. Football Manager gives me a chance to run my favourite club and see them rise up to the challenge and take on the premiership

  16. Too many people these days have much more interest and time for games like Fifa and PES. Granted, good games, but the realism in past games is beyond belief. Two seasons in and you’re signing Ruud Van Nistelrooy for Oldham! It is the realism which I love about the FM series. The range of emotions you feel as you watch your side rise and fall. Then rise again hopefully! Also, the fact that it can decide your mood. Win three in a row and there’s no stopping you. Lose three in a row and the game is saved and turned off. Hoping another day will bring better fortunes. When a game is all you think about at school, all you think about in your sleep and all you think about when you’ve just turned it off….you know it’s good.

  17. Football manager gives me the biggest excuse to get away from doing work … get the mother sayin “tom do your work”.. my response .. one sec mum just about to win the premiership if only chelsea will draw with QPR .. Her reaction … Blank :L

    Good Times.

    and if i do win FM11 .. she will have to do my work for me.


  18. Hi, I'm from belgium.. I bought every FM manager in history, even when the name was CMITA, you know on diskettes… It's a game where you can do your own thing. Where you can find the best players of the world for the next season in real life. I only do one thing in my free time en that is playing manager. The best game ever!!


  19. Have played footy manager for years now, sitting up till 5am on school days, pulling all nighters at uni and now spending countless evenings and weekends attempting to live out the dream of taking NUFC to the top of the table as KK so nearly did many moons ago.


  20. Football manager the only game that worries me if im playing during somthing important I will stand, punch the air and celebrate and then realise everyone in the room is looking at me. The only game where you can insult cristiano ronaldo which instantly makes the game a winner. the only game you could play for days and not realise. Finally the only game that gives everybody a chance to be a champion. FOOTBALL MANAGER WHO NEEDS A SOCIAL LIFE !

  21. I love the game, simple as that. Been playing soccer myself for as long as I can remember, been coaching youth soccer for some years too… The tactics of the game, the passion, the up and downs… All the emotions too – Football manager gives the player of the game nothing less 😀

    Thank you.

  22. I love Football Manager because it feeds my fantasy that one day Arsene Wenger will call me up, announce his retirement and be so pleased with the job I did in game that he wants me to take over for real.

  23. Because I've been playing it since I was 13 and it gives me a excuse not to talk to the missus.

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