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Personally I’m still really enjoying FM2011 more so with the recent patch update and while there is nothing official to say that there will be a Football Manager 2012 (FM2012) I’m going to speculate and say that there probably will be a new Football Manager game so with that in mind what would you like to see in Football Manager 2012?

We have done this in the past and a number of peoples suggestions have been worked into the game so SI do react to what fans of the games want to see.

I’ll get the ball rolling:

Right that’ll do for now but I will update as I think of some more.

So what would you like to see in Football Manager 2012?


  1. Oh, and also the ability to create my own team and/or own league. If I just create a team I would like it to be realistic, I don’t want to just throw them into the top level of play. I would like to work from the bottom up, or maybe even stay at the bottom and it could just become a casual team.

  2. I think there should be more national teams to choose from to coach. For example, more countries from Central America, Africa and Asia. Also, I would love to coach small European nations like San Marino and Luxembourg and be challenged by nations like these.

  3. 1. You should be able to create your own player.
    2. New leagues like Mexican league, agentina, Turkish, etc.
    3. Be able to coach national teams from north America, asia, Africa etc.

  4. when clubs do transfers ,they should strengthen their squad where they actually need a better player, now sometimes you see a club that buys 5 strikers but dont need them.

  5. I would like it if you could create your own staff or at least your own assitant manager

  6. i would like to see they improve in term of name generating stuff… i played Singapore League/ Malaysian Super League and have players’ names that mixed up e.g Hassan Arvindran, Jonathan Abdullah or Teoh Jit Ravindren.

  7. I would like features like,
    ** A player can be sent from reserve squad a training academy and build up his potentials for a year or two.
    *** With increasing reputation the club should be offered more worthy and more expensive sponsorship deals.
    * I agree that more in-depth team talk should be made so that we can point out our player with there performance at half time.
    * Youth academy should be controlled by manager, and youth recruitment should be done by scouts and we should pick the underage talent from targeted territories.
    * Chairman should be more intellectual and influential.
    * manager should have the ability to decide the playing role of loaned player at feeder club.
    *** Definitely more controversial and more competitive transfer window in which rival clubs should temp each others players, more features in transfer window be made.

  8. a lot of great ideas, for me though id like the training of players to change a bit. id like to see a free kick editor, something like championship manager had on there last game, id like more in depth training and reports from it from the coaches and finally id like the ability to train specific moves like a long run and shot or cross from a specific player or even the ability to run the line whilst doing tricks, even on the defensive, like defensive midfielder to push player wide or go break play up by any means!

  9. Some great ideas here, love the interviewing for job idea. A ranking system for your manager would be nice, so you know if you are qualified enough to apply for a job with a higher reputation.

  10. 1. On the editor i would like to be able to create a logo for a team i create.

    2. I would like the face patches and team logos to be available. Its a pain playing this game on mac computers and youre simply not looked after.

    3. 3-D match engine can still improve

    4. Whats the point of making a salary if you cant use it.

    5. More graffics on which stadium youre playing at this week.

  11. Be able to start as a reserve/youth team manager, like an assistant manager. I know this has been mentioned before but there has been alot of instances in real life where the assistant manager goes on to manage said club or even manage another club. I feel it gives alot more realism, especially when starting with the lowest experience as a manager, instead of managing a team in a lowest league, perhaps being able to manage a reserve/youth team as an assistant manager in a higher league, building experience in the same way. Requesting player movements from the different teams at the club (first, reserve, youth), giving feedback on player development, finding new players, suggesting new tactics, all done through convos with your manager.

  12. Make it possible to load a database you just spent 14 hours editing the ass off. For example: Get rid of Evertons debt, give them more that 50p transfer budget, give them more than £1 wage budget, then you start a new game, enable database wait for game to load. Only to realise you have given them 49p to spend on players…..just a thought.

  13. I think you should be able to full on watch the players play like on computer but this time on psp and ipod touch

  14. Ithink you should be able to full on watch the players play like on computer but this time on psp and ipod touch

  15. on the psp to be able to get more involved in training and upgrading stadiums etc.

  16. on the psp be able to have as many leagues as you can and in the panish leagues be able to mangers b-teams and be able to become assitance manegers and make your own player aswell

  17. Be able to start your own club. Start with some crap players and work your way up to the premier league

  18. would love to see a classic players league or just able to buy classic players

  19. i would love to be able to offer a short term contract i.e. month to month contract or 3 month contract. something that championship manager used to do and is handy to cover injuries and things like that.

  20. Training Ground

    A club can select certain nation to establish their own training ground…and we can assign our own staff to work there and the club can sign the talented players for free…and the other players that cant make into the parent club can be sold to generate income…and the training ground can be upgrade with school, hostel and clinic…the youth can be more ready before sign for the parent club while at the same time…the player can go on loan at the local club for experience…the training ground also increase the scouting knowledge…

    The Academy of The Club

    Continue from the training ground…it also the same function as the training ground but with better facilities and also got option to train with the 1st team…any talented player can send to the academy to improve their potential..and the youth can be from this academy while the scouted players but make it to the club must be in a list that the manager have power to approve them individually before sign for the youth team…the same applied to the academy player..

    Ranking Every Season

    By the end of the season..issue the manager a ranking of player and suggestion by their coach…let say the youngster good enough to play as first team..even if he still 17…or suddenly he become top in the youth rank at the club and the coaches backing him to be promoted…or the change in the 1st team rank…i.e…the best right back..who the first…second..third…fourth…and we can see if any youth already surpass the senior….

  21. Fuck I dont even care if Im gonna sound vein this is a SICK idea

    Better Assistant reports on players
    Fuck knows its needed!

  22. I think they have to stop the ridiculous valuations for young players. I was once managing Luton in the BSP and I brought in Sam Deering on loan from Oxford. When I tried to buy him, Oxford were holding out for his valuation, which was £200k. In real life, the transfer fee would have been £10k at most.

  23. I want an a new franchise tool. Yes, we can go edit the files, kick one team out of a league, then insert your new team. I find that takes so many steps and sometimes crashes the regular season or skips you out of cup games while letting you in league games or friendly matches. I play MLS and create an Omaha, NE team in the 2010 version and 2011 version and I kick Chivas out to do it. Would like to keep them in and become an expansion team in the league.

  24. I want to buy players at 15 – 16 and develop their skills faster, better and receive accurate feedback from coaches etc. Basically since I cannot have more than 25 players in my senior squad, if I have excellent coaching staff and facilities, then my reserve squad and junior players should develop the skills to have depth and enable the potential of junior player to develop faster, so that if I have injured senior players or under performing senior players, my reserve or junior players can step straight into big games. So in time between the senior squad and reserve team I have effectively 40 top players coming through in a system, leaving me to deal with the ego’s, transfer request and ability without big losses to ease out those senior player who do not reach their potential (to be good enough for Liverpool for eg.)?

  25. like most suggestions so far, a few of my own

    1 being able to aply for youth international manager roles

    2 to pin point players in game mistakes and tell them what they should of done e.g. pass u greedy git

    4 running tracks to effect atmosphere ect. and listed in facilities and visable during play

    5 late kick off actually later than the 3 o’clock kick off its just anoying

    6 directors of football/head scout, should interfer wit transfers were they do, maybe on the premise of contract e.g. background, advisory, head scout, % of total budget, youths, total transfer control, maybee u can choose once chairman trust you or demand he be sacked if u join ect. would anoy me but seems more realistic, bit like the old chairman which could be retried aswell think chelsea mr roman likes to have his say

    7 temp rival teams e.g. teams you are currently challeging with in league europe as in real life, think any challenger and man utd or chelsea barcelona these rivalries ebe and flow

    8 being able to edit custom international cups e.g. commonwealth cup

    9 being able to create “new worlds” from scratch or optional realism e.g. real players & clubs, no leagues no international ect. coz real cups can get in the way of varius types of custom world

  26. I think when you have a board meeting, whether its your bored or your applying for a job, should be in 3D. Like 3D people and have a proper room with a massice table.

  27. I admit 3d is good already but would like to see proper stadiums on match days. Also a retro version would be great as championship manager have made 2 albeit for the iphone a 70’s and 80’s version..

  28. The possibility to start the game several years earlier, with the actual squads from that year, eg 1999 or something. Retro FM squads would be amazing.

    • I’m not sure how feasible that would be but it’s a wicked idea. I’d love to have a bash with the Liverpool squad of say 1994.

  29. I like the idea of being able to search for players by their minimum fee release clause, would ake thinks easier.

  30. A player’s experience should have a greater value. In real life Man Utd might throw some older heads into a big Champions League game etc Old heads are worth their weight in gold in those games.

  31. interviewing for positions at new clubs?
    more complex board reations maybe

    • I like the idea of interviewing for a job rather than yes or no. Ace idea.

  32. Realistic tranfers fee’s is a must in the game. You must pay insane prices for players.

    • Easier said than done I suspect, licenses etc are never the easiest thing to get hold of.

  33. Ability to buy youngsters and loan them back to their club for a season or two.

    • Think this is something I suggested last year… Very good idea and may make a club more willing to sell a player if they know they can get some benefit from him for a year or two.

  34. Good start. Agree on the 3d, I think it does the job as it’s and they could work on all the other amazing suggestions we’ll put together.

  35. Like all of those so far. What i would like is a option to play the game on two monitors. Kinda like watch the game on one monitor and then use the other one to study stats and change tactics etc etc I’m probably thick though and you can already do it haha

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