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I have been very impressed with FM2012 and while there is nothing official to say that there will be a Football Manager 2013 (FM2013) I’m going to speculate and say that there probably will be a new Football Manager game so with that in mind…What would you like to see in Football Manager 2013?

Football Manager 2013 Wishlist

  1. I said this last year but am improvement to the very limited set piece creator, set specific player runs while also being able to specify  where players stand eg set 2 players to block the keeper etc
  2. When scouting players I want to know exactly how they compare to my players in every postion they play in rather than just their natural one… Just like it does for your own players when you request a scout report on them.
  3. Ability to buy youngsters and loan them back to their club for a season or two. Playing for my reserves can’t be as good as a year or two at a Championship club plus the club then might be more willing to sell.
  4. Interviewing for job. Granted if a club wants a manager then a interview is not really required they are simply hired  but there are jobs out there that you should have to interview for.  Martin O’Neil  didn’t get the England job because he didn’t interview well (he actually had a opinion.) Are you planning on bringing youth players in? Experienced players? Moneyball approach? Long ball or pass and move? etc

Anyway that is all for now. I’ll add more when I think of them.

What would you like to see in Football Manager 2013?


  1. hahaha the people who want to ‘spend’ their ‘wages’ on cars & houses are pathetic! The only good way to use the wages would be if you were up to your limit with wages & could sacrifice some/all of your own wages to go towards a new signing..

    Something I would like would be the ability to encourage a player to leave their current club, if you’re an international manager. It irritates me when you see one of your potential international players happy to just sit on the bench each week.

  2. Opportunity to criticize the referee, better graphics, better start from jobs such as youth coach> coach> assistant> manager.

  3. 1) I want to see how many goals has a goalkeeper scored in his career. In FM 2012 there’s no way to see it and also there is a bug, when every goalkeeper’s goals is called his season first.
    2) I want the earned money as a manager to be actually useful, this means it would be great to spend somehow: houses, cars, etc. I know that many players might not want it, but guys, this would be completely optional. Just an add-on that doesn’t change anything but would be welcomed by many.
    3) More advanced manager contracts. Money rewards for winning a cup, a league, personal awards.
    4) Random events like a takeover of a club by a billionaire, “birth” of a great manager that wins everything (like Mourinho).
    5) Great achievements should be adequately announced. In FM 2012 you can win Champions League 3 times in a row and all you get is another message from your happy board or fans. In the real world you would be a worldwide known person, the greatest manager in history. Also there should be some messages about new world’s top players. In the current version of FM if there’s a great player he simply scores a lot of goals, may gain awards, move to a big club etc. In the real world he would be a huge celebrity, a star, like Ronaldo or Messi. There’s no feeling of that in the current FM.

    • 5) It would be great to also see statistics of how the worth of your club has changed during the past years, and also ticket prices, player prices (nice to see how the price of a talented youngster of yours grows), attendance. It’s very nice if you controll a club for a long time. Also it would be good to manually control ticket and season ticket prices, as FM doesn’t make them higher adequately to your achievements (for example when you start a small club and promote to higher leagues, after a few season you end in the top league with ticket prices 500% lower than other clubs’).

  4. Firstly buying cars and houses is pathetic!
    1)More sense of celebration and history when winning competitions – showing trophy presentation etc rather than dull email
    2)Venting at referees rather than smashing up my laptop..once had 3 players sent off and 2 penalties against then got 2 injuries after all subs used – I lost not surprisingly
    3)Better effects of top coaches on young potential stars
    4)Obviously repetitive press conferences-Do something pls Sega!

    Implement above and the game will be perfect! Except for the exceptionally picky and people who want to buy things..Why? Read hello if you want to fantasise about being rich you muppets!

  5. * I’d really like being able to send a scout to look for new young players (That Was Not Generated by The Game) in a continent.

  6. the ability to import saved game from the old version to the new

  7. we re earning money as a coach under contract. this money should be placed on some account. we should be able to use that money (u know, buy some things). objectives could be different..
    I thought about that after the end of career and have sufficient funds to purchase a particular property of the club on [President] and its management, but this time with a slightly higher level

    //sorry for grammar / googletranslate

  8. As I still remember pre-Champions League and pre-Bosman Law European football of early 1990s,I would love the old European cups format: all knock-out rounds in Champions Cup (only for league champions), Cup Winners Cup, and UEFA Cup, with the 3+2 foreigners rule. That could be put as an option for a player to choose and for some of us would give anice favour of childhood memeries to the game.

  9. Players described from 1 to 100 skill points. It would make footballers more varied.

  10. Fan more visible in game and possibility to check during a match how many fan’s is guests and how many hosts.

  11. when your scouting a player instead of the scout just telling you how he played in recent matches or what he is best at he could pick out things from games he’s played in for u to watch and see for yourself.

  12. for the money maybe we could save up and be able to buy clubs and have more impact on the finances

  13. There should be a mode where you can take on your friends over the internet with your current team.

  14. I’d like to see a press conference or interview when you leave a club. I’ve left clubs where I’ve been a legend/icon due to arguments with the board and I’d like the chance to explain my reasons for leaving but as it stands I dont get the chance to do that.

  15. Ranking Every Season
    By the end of the season..issue the manager a ranking of player and suggestion by their coach…let say the youngster good enough to play as first team..even if he still 17…or suddenly he become top in the youth rank at the club and the coaches backing him to be promoted…or the change in the 1st team rank…i.e…the best right back..who the first…second..third…fourth…and we can see if any youth already surpass the senior….

  16. 1. On the editor i would like to be able to create a logo for a team i create.
    2. I would like the face patches and team logos to be available. Its a pain playing this game on mac computers and youre simply not looked after.
    3. 3-D match engine can still improve
    4. Whats the point of making a salary if you cant use it.
    5. More graffics on which stadium youre playing at this week.

  17. Be able to start as a reserve/youth team manager, like an assistant manager. I know this has been mentioned before but there has been a lot of instances in real life where the assistant manager goes on to manage said club or even manage another club. I feel it gives a lot more realism, especially when starting with the lowest experience as a manager, instead of managing a team in a lowest league, perhaps being able to manage a reserve/youth team as an assistant manager in a higher league, building experience in the same way.

  18. I’d like to be able to spend my wages on cars and stuff.

    • Yawn. That comes up every year and it’s a totally sh*t idea. It is meant to be a football simulation game so the buying stuff is totally pointless.

  19. Love the idea of interviewing for jobs. If i get turned down for a job it would be good to see why.

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