Football Manager 2013 (FM2013) Set Piece Tactics

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Let me guess, you have a strike force who can’t hit a barn door and realistically the only way you are ging to score in FM2013 is from a set piece. Well it just happens I have a few tips and tricks that might just help you out.

First off we have to ask what is a good corner strategy?

Try to have three big targets in the box, one on Near Post Flick-On, the strongest on Challenge GK, and a third on Forward. Add to that a real shooter on “Attack Near Post”, and somebody with Headers and Finishing at “Stand on Far Post”, and you have four goalscoring threats plus a good Ian Rush like poacher.

FM2013 corners

What about Stoke City like throws?

Your throw-in instructions can make a huge difference; get somebody with 18+ Long Throws as your throw-in taker, put a big defender on Near Post, a Long Shot specialist on Lurk Outside Box, a striker on Default, and a fullback on Go Forward. Works a treat; all four are threats to score.

FM2013 throws

What kind of a player makes a good freekick taker?

With free-kicks, there are other options to consider and all of these affect the outcome.  Should the player shoot, tee up another player for a shot, cross, play wide left or right. Affecting this decision would be decisions, creativity, flair, and possibly anticipation.

If he shoots, which part of the goal does he aim for. I would say that decisions and free-kicks affect this.

If he decides he is going to shoot, and he knows where he wants to put it, does he blast it or try a delicate placed shot. I suppose what affects this is decisions, freekicks and technique.

Once he has decided that he will shoot, what part of the goal he will aim at and whether he will blast it or place it, we have the following attributes to consider that will effect the outcome. Finishing, free-kicks, long-shots, technique and composure.

Penalty takers you say?

The first conclusion I came to was that although composure IS important, it is nowhere near as important as it is when taking penalty kicks. In my view, the composure attribute is, (believe this or not), more important than the penalty attribute when deciding the result of a spot kick.


Well with regards to freekicks and corners there is a bunch of crazy theory in there but in all honesty you will find that the attacking corner setup works a treat. If it does (or doesn’t) pop back and let me know.

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